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Laura Gochicoa-Rangel MD

In the last volume of Blue journal, Morrow LA and colleagues published a large multicenter longitudinal study from a cohort of 587 preterm infants. Although there are several studies about risk factors that increase the development of BPD and subsequent respiratory disease, exact associations remain uncertain. They found that maternal smoking and preexisting hypertension increase the odds (2-fold) for developing moderate-severe BPD, and that maternal smoking is strongly associated with late respiratory morbidities during early childhood. These findings suggest that in addition to the BPD diagnosis at 36 weeks, other factors modulate late respiratory outcomes during childhood.

Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2017; 196 (3): 364–374

Antenatal Determinants of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia and Late Respiratory Disease in Preterm Infants Lindsey A. Morrow, Brandie D. Wagner, David A. Ingram, Brenda B. Poindexter, Kurt Schibler, C. Michael Cotten, John Dagle, Marci K. Sontag, Peter M. Mourani, Steven H. Abman