Virtual International Pediatric Pulmonary Network (VIPPN)

Thursday, November 2, 2023 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

Utility of ventilatory control investigation in clinical decision making in the sleep lab

During this session, they presented four cases of children with ventilatory control abnormalities

First case illustrates the case of a child with Prader Willi syndrome presenting with central apnea syndrome and treated unsuccessfully with CPAP

Second case concerns a girl presenting a tumor located the in-medulla oblongata with periodic breathing during sleep

Third case concerns a child with CCHS

Fourth case entitled "Severe central apnea secondary to cerebellar dysplasia in a child"

Plamen Bokov, MD
Pediatric Pulmonologist

Benjamin Dudoignon, MD
Pediatric Pulmonologis

Jessica Taytard, MD
Pediatric Pulmonologis

Nicole Beydon, MD
Hôpital Armand Trousseau, Paris